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3/4" Back-Out Punch

Council Tools

3/4" Back-Out Punch

$ 56.60

Back-out punch (3/4" nose diameter) with 15" wooden handle. Used for driving out bolts, rivets, and pins. Pein or nose end is heat treated for strength, the hammer face is not heat treated allowing a standard hammer to be used for striking.
  • Forged tool steel head, Made in USA, with clear lacquer finish to deter rust.
  • Striking face is hand beveled.
  • Heat treated after machining for increased depth of hardness.
  • Heat treatment produces fine grain structure and Rc 46-54 (Rockwell) for safety and toughness.
  • 15" American-made hickory handle, kiln dried before turning. Eye section is then dried below 10% moisture content prior to assembly.
  • Handle is hydraulically inserted into head and secured with a serrated aluminum wedge, providing a very secure mechanical bond. Approximately 1/2" of handle length is removed during assembly.

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